Ultimate Mum & New Bub Box
Ultimate Mum & New Bub Box
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Ultimate Mum & New Bub Box

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This gift box is provides all the essentials, plus a whole lot more!

Included for Mum:

  • Mama Fuel Lactation Bliss Ball Premix - Containing healthy, high in protein fats (nuts and nut butters) and plenty of fibre (oats). Our bliss balls are a healthy alternative to lactation cookies.
  • Mama Fuel Magic Milk Boost Powder - Put it in everything! from smoothies, to porridge, and even baked pasta (just blend the powder in the sauce).
  • Anoint Aromatherapy Facial Steam - With essential oils helps to purify the skin and improve circulation. Is a deeply relaxing experience.
  • Anoint Green Tea & Clay Facial Mask - Deeply cleansing for all skin types.
  • Naturopharm Hypercal Cream - Perfect to help heal the intimate areas after giving birth! It can be stored in the fridge and is perfect for soothing soreness and to assist healing.
  • Eye Wheat Mask - Naturally relieves and soothes dry eye, MGD & blepharitis, tired eyes, seasonal allergies, headaches & migraines, perfect eye soother and fantastic for use in beauty treatments.
  • Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs - A breastfeeding mum's best friend!  Used to soothe sore, cracked and irritated nipples allowing mum to continue breastfeeding. 1 pair included.
  • Reusable Breast Pads -  Handmade in NZ, beautiful soft bamboo fibre and gorgeous fabrics provide your breastfeeding boobs with comfort and protection from those milk let downs. 1 pair included.
  • Hydration Drink - 2x sachets. Specifically formulated to help meet the hydration and electrolyte needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women. 
  • Mama Life Nip Balm - Keep this balm handy to pop on in between feeds to ensure those nips remain hydrated and intact!
  • Mama Life Minty Foot Soak now 300gms & Foot Balm - Give your tootsies a refreshing break with our invigorating foot soak, and to finish it off - our moisturising foot balm.
  • Mama Life Massage - Has the feeling of a firm mousse but melts straight into your skin providing you with intense moisture all day long. 

Included for Bub:

  • Dribble Bib -  Handmade in NZ, beautifully soft and perfect for all the dribbling and milk spills your bubba will be doing! 
  • Baby SnugglySoft, cute, cuddly, and easy for bubs to hold themselves. 
  • Anoint Baby Chest Rub Bar & Storage Tin Set - Anoint Baby Chest Rub Bars are a natural deeply nourishing moisturiser in a solid bar. Specially formulated to give soothing relief from coughs and congestion. 
  • Bunny Ear Teether - The hard wood makes for an excellent teether with crackly material inside the soft fabric.  The perfect size for little tiny hands.
  • Muslin Wrap - An essential item for any newborn baby. Whether used for swaddling, as a burping cloth, or a whatever I need it for cloth!
  • Mama Life Baby Bum Balm - Kind and gentle on your wee bub's bum with kawakawa acting as a natural antiseptic to protect from nappy rash.

      All packaged in a recyclable gift box with a big ribbon.

      Every mum and baby is unique!  We are happy to work with you to tailor our gift boxes to suit yourself or that special mum in your life.  For example, if mum isn't breastfeeding, we can replace the breastfeeding/lactation products with something of similar value.


      Please note: From time to time you may not receive the exact items in the pictures of our gift boxes due to suppliers being out of stock BUT you will receive a similar item.  We guarantee either way you will love our boxes!