Mamalife Breastfeeding Box

Mamalife Breastfeeding Box

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You have your precious little baby and now it's onto the business of breastfeeding. Sometimes this is not as easy as nature intended, but keep your head high mama, we have some essentials to help get you started!

  • 2 - Mama Fuel Lactation Bliss Ball Premix - Containing healthy, high in protein fats (nuts and nut butters) and plenty of fibre (oats). Our bliss balls are a healthy alternative to lactation cookies.  White Chocolate with walnuts & Dark Chocolate Almond flavours included.
  • Mama Fuel Magic Milk Boost Powder - Put it in everything! from smoothies, to porridge, and even baked pasta (just blend the powder in the sauce).
  • Hydration Drink - 2 x sachets. California Gold Hydration.Specifically formulated to help meet the hydration and electrolyte needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women. 
  • Mother's Milk Tea Jam packed full of herbs to help mum's support their production of breast milk and promote healthy lactation.
  • Blessed Mama with heart" Mug
  • Mama Life Nip Balm - Keep this balm handy to pop on in between feeds to ensure those nips remain hydrated and intact!
  • Reusable Breast Pads - Handmade in NZ.  Super absorbent with a bamboo inner, feels lovely against your skin.

All packaged in a recyclable gift box and ribbon.

Please note: From time to time you may not receive the exact items in the pictures of our gift boxes due to suppliers being out of stock BUT you will receive a similar item.  We guarantee either way you will love our boxes!