Lactation Bliss Ball Premix
Lactation Bliss Ball Premix
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Lactation Bliss Ball Premix

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A Kiwi mama favourite!

Simply add the premix powder into your food processor and add in the 2-3 extra wet ingredients then blend. Roll into balls or prepare slices.  Enjoy and let them boost your milk supply! If you do not have a food processor they can totally be hand mixed.


  • Delicious all in one snack to boost milk supply rather than a million and one different supplements, herbs, teas etc.
  • SO easy to prepare, less than 10 minutes! NO BAKE OPTION.
  • Requires only 2 – 3 extra ingredients which are probably already in your pantry.
  • Get the little kids involved in rolling, fun for everyone.
  • Includes proven milk boosting ingredients; oats, flaxseed, brewers yeast and high strength fenugreek.
  • Safe for everyone to enjoy, breastfeeding mums, non-breastfeeding mums, dads, friends, grandparents…..
  • Healthy alternative to lactation cookies as our bliss ball mix only contains healthy high in protein fats (nuts and nut butters) and are high in fibre (oats).

Currently available in two flavours: White Chocolate Macadamia and Chocolate Almond. Grab yourself a packet now and satisfy that sweet tooth craving without any guilt.

Each packet is 200g and makes roughly 15-20 bliss balls depending on how big or small you roll them.

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